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​President Makoto Yamada (Carreer history)

March,1981 The University of Electro-Communications

April,1981 ~ October,2014 Sony corporation

Mr. Yamada started his career in R&D of DAT (Digital Audio Tape) Recorders.  He has a long history as an engineer, beginning with the development of servo controls and progressing into format/system, LSI and software design.  He saw these projects, often starting out as utterly new technology, from their conception at the drawing board to their completion at launch and sale to the public.  In addition, some chief projects he was involved in also include Memory Stick for video, the DVD/HDD camcorder, AVCHD, Walkman, Tablets, etc.  The first half of Mr. Yamada's career was spent as a developmental engineer, and he spent the second half as a general manager in Sony's engineering department for product commercialization.

He has a total of about 90 patents registered in Japan.

June,2015 Design M Plus, Inc.

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