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September 29, 2016

Design M Plus, Inc. and Sustainable Design Laboratory Institute, Inc. developed the electronic paper musical score display "musik" and received the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2016. Our musical score device "musik" was highly acknowledged as a result of a design which pursues ease of use and safety. We will promote and demonstrate a multitude of activities which can be achieved with our products. We also actively promote designs in manufacturing, and strive to contribute to society.

Award-winning item

Electronic Paper Display Score Device "musik"


"musik" is an electronic musical score device purposed for use in the concert hall. It has a spread screen design, with two side-by-side 13.3inch electronic paper displays. The device is thin and light and easy to put on a music stand. You can easily operate the touch panel and even make annotations to the musical score with our handwriting pen. The device is wrapped in leather to give a “softness” to its look and feel. Our new musical score device has details and data for each note. We will continue to evolve and update “musik” and continue to propose new playing experiences capable with our device.


Makoto Yamada, Design M Plus, Inc.


Mitsuhiro Nakamura, Sustainable Design Research Institute, Inc.

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